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What is attack?Edit

Attack is a skill on runescape, just like other skills other then dungeoneering its maximum level is 99, if you achieve 99 attack you will be able to purchase a cape called Attack Skillcape and you can also get it trimmed if it your second 99up etc.

What is Attack used for?Edit

Attack is a skill trained for combat, Attack is though to be kind of pointless because all it does is give you better weopons, but that isnt true! attack has another very vital part of combat hidden inside it, this is that the higher your attack is, the more frequently you hit damage, e.g. 1 attack hits very uncommonly where as 99 hits alot more. and yes as i typed it does give you better weopons to deal more damage. [[Category:There is a few ways to train attack, one is to buy a weapon and select the certain attack that gives attack experience (usually it is the first option). another technique is to go to soul wars or pest control or some sort of minigame and when you have got zeal, commendation points etc. you buy attack experience :)]]