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Strength like attack is a combat skill like before at level 99 you cannot progress any more levels, Strength is used for exactly what it says, strength, and as you progress strength levels you will be able to use Halberds which are relatively good weapons, they may not be really strong but they can hit a 2 space area which if you have realised, is 2 squares on the ground, you will realize that if you look really closely, at 99 strength you can hit enemies VERY hard, which is good for pvp and clan wars and things like that

How do i train strength?Edit

okay so just like attack again you have to buy a weapon, and then when you have you select the strength option, usually the second option, Abyssal Whip doesn't have any strength option, so dont buy one to train strength, you can also do soul wars and pest control and spend the points on strength instead of attack